Is an online chat site Stickam. Omegle is located between and other similar sites. Stickam is sometimes referred to as a unique group. A large number of people and new chats with friends online camera chat a platform.

Stickam Properties

This website beautiful interface and within the site offers chat with different applications. If you want to connect with your friends on facebook and you guys online offers a free chat.

A community or personal rooms. Located far away friend can chat over stickam with and no charge to you. Provides the security of you Stickham. Allows you to get away from a chat will disturb you and wants you, them in the management of the site.

Omegle similar site Stickam,

* Explicit se*ual content, nudity and cyber-bullying/prohibits inappropriate behavior s*ch as stalking.

* Age limit is +18 years of age you can have a conversation with anyone on the site.

Stickam Why is closed.

Thank You and Farewell

We at Stickam are very sad to announce that is now officiallyclosed. We are incredibly grateful to all the Stickam members and viewers, to all the bands and artists, the radio stations and the shows, and the deer. Thank you all for making this a wonderful place for seven years.

Stickam Staff

Update: Stickam closed March 1, 2013. Omegle is Stickam why is closed. You can read all the information on the wiki.

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