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What’s new on our site, you humans were waiting for the omegle camera chat.

Your conversations can direct us and we may post your videos to your images.

Recently published videos and pictures I want to present to you.

There are some rules in our site.

* Random camera chat you can’t certainly bothered someone with expectation.
* You can send your videos to your Own request out.
* One part people person bother post avoid the picture from.

We offer the possibility of video chat on our site. You can chat with Online users on our site. Some of our friends are suffering under the name “funny some videos ” I want to present to you.

Sites like omegle

Enjoy the best chat services with Omegle.

Omegle is the best place where you can find some stranger at random. It’s always fun to meet some unknown people and get to know about each other. Omegle chat gives you the same opportunity to meet stranger worldwide.

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There is also a couple of Youtube videos and channels I would highly recommend you to see. If you are a Chatroulette or random chat fan I am positive that you will have a lot of fun with these:

1. This is a somewhat viral video of people getting scared on Chatroulette “The last exorcism” style, a must see for online prank fans:

2. Here is another video which is similar to what I do, basically a reactions video of people getting scared, the only difference is that Pinkstylist uses make up while I am using masks and he prefers instead of Chatroulette. I will also give you a link to his Youtube prank channel:

3. Here is a video of a creepy old man who sure scared a bunch of people on Chatroulette. Those reactions are priceless. Edarem, unfortunately, passed away in 2012. so R.I.P. Edarem and thank you for your awesome video.

4. Even though this is a completely different style of meeting and interacting with people on Chatroulette, I can’t but mention DominicDeAngelis and MrTechnicalDifficult. Their videos are not really reaction videos but more of a chat/interaction with random strangers. These two were and still are my idols so do yourself a favor and check them out:

5. Ghost Prank: Hey guys! me and my sister decided to have a little fun and scare some people! sorry we couldn’t scare more people. It was late and we had to go to bed, because the next day was going to be hard! but i hope you liked it! please give it a thumbs up if so and also subscribe to keep up with my stuff!


7. Justin Bieber Prank


Pranking Justin Bieber Fans On Omegle 🙂 If you enjoyed this video click LIKE & SHARE this video with your friends!


9. Pranks – Scaring People by Naming Where They Live

In this video, I use a demon voice changer, little kid voice changer, and a girl voice changer to mess with people. Then to take it to the next level, I name where they live. Then they are really freaked out. Their reactions are pretty funny, so if you enjoyed the video, be sure to click that like button.

Note: I tell the stranger that it’s just a prank as long as they don’t disconnect before I get a chance to.

You might be wondering how the hell I know a persons location on Whenever two people are connected on Video chat, Chatroulette, or skype, each persons IP address is sent to the other persons computer. I just know where the persons IP is sent to on my computer, which allows me to look it up to find their general location. For those that say this is illegal, it is far from it. This is not illegal at all. I just want to make that clear.

10. Scaring People by Naming Where They Live

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