How Chatrandom can make video chatting interesting

How Chatrandom can make video chatting interesting

Now you spend most of your leisure online and this is why doing chatting can be one of the most interesting ways for spending your free time. Even without signing up you can do chat in Chatrandom and it is surely going to be extremely enjoyable. This is completely safe and secure. The only thing you need is a web-cam in your computer.

This website can be used absolutely free. In this website you can keep your identity anonymous while doing the chatting and it will remain so until you yourself want to disclose it. You can chat by this website at any time of the day and the latest features of this website will make your experience of chatting full of satisfaction. Though you can conceal your identity it will be better for you if you can reveal that.

The best part is that you will be able to talk to as many people as you want visibly. You can share various kinds of thoughts, ideas and experiences. You can make discussions about various matters and all these can be done in the easiest way by the help of Chatrandom. You can come to know about the hobbies, interests and other things of your partner.

If you want to connect through this website you have to just put your nickname in the site and then you have to click on the chat now button. If you face any kind of problem in video chatting through this website you can surely go to the help section of the website. However, you will not be able to put your username even in the forum of this website.

How to choose a webcam for having video chat using chatrandom?

Video chatting has become highly popular among various people in different parts of the world. A web cam is one of the important devices in order to enjoy video chatting on chatrandom in the best possible way. There are various brands of web cam available in the market. Below are discussed some of the factors that should be considered while purchasing a web cam.

Megapixel of web cam

Megapixel are the tiny and small dots which combine together to make a resulting image. The quality of image greatly depends upon the mega pixel. More the amount of mega pixel, sharper will be the images. Make sure to avail a web cam higher than 3 mega pixel in order to enjoy video chatting at it best.

Frame rate

The above is also one of the important factors which should be considered while having a video chatting on chatrandom. The frame rate controls the sharpness of video image. In order to experience quality video chatting, one should purchase a web cam having higher frame rate. Make sure to use a web cam having frame rate of minimum 60fps and thereby enjoy chatting with your friends.

Quality of Lens

The quality of lens must also be analyzed properly in order to enjoy video chatting. Make sure the web cam that you are using has the required lens to cater your requirements. Generally a web cam having a glass lens is much more effective compared to that of plastic lens. So you must check the specification of the lens while buying a specific web cam.


While buying a specific web cam, it’s important for you to analyze whether it is compatible with latest video chatting programs. If you are unable to gather required information, make sure to ask the retailer before buying the specific web cam.

One should determine the capabilities of the web cam in order to enjoy video chatting with their friends on the chatrandom program.

It will be better if you are more than eighteen years old for registering in Chatrandom. However, even if you are only thirteen years old you will be able to chat in this website with your parents’ permission. However, you cannot join in this website if you are not even thirteen years old.

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